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Patch 26.0.2 : Équilibrage en Standard et en Champs de bataille

Vendredi 14 avril 2023 à 19h09, par

patch 26.0.2 : equilibrage en standard et en champs de bataille

Un nouveau patch pour Hearthstone est attendu ce vendredi 14 avril 2023. Il s'agit de la mise à jour 26.0.2 qui concerne le mode Standard ainsi que le mode Champs de bataille.

Des ajustements sont déployés pour Vengeresse cogneuse du Chasseur de démons, pour le Quartier des Assemblages du Chevalier de la mort, et pour la Raie de lumière du Paladin.

Retrouvez l'ensemble des changements prévu pour le jeu dans la suite de cet article. Notez que l'annonce n'est pas encore disponible en français.

Mise à jour 26.0.2 pour Hearthstone

Blizzard Posté par Blizzard (Source)

Patch 26.0.2 is a data-only hotfix patch launching today with updates to Hearthstone, Battlegrounds, and Arena, plus bug fixes.


Card Changes

Construct Quarter

  • Old: 3 Durability
  • New: 2 Durability

Vengeful Walloper

  • Old: 6 Mana
  • New: 7 Mana


  • Old: 9 Mana
  • New: 10 Mana


Armor Changes

Heroes getting more Armor
  • A.F. Kay: 18
  • Galewing: 14
  • George the Fallen: 13
  • Illidan Stormrage: 14
  • Ini Stormcoil: 15 at higher ranks (no change at lower ranks)
  • Lord Jaraxxus: 18 at higher ranks, 7 at lower ranks
  • Millificent Manastorm: 14 at higher ranks (no change at lower ranks)
  • Onyxia: 14
  • Patches the Pirate: 14 at higher ranks (no change at lower ranks)
  • Professor Putricide: 14
  • Rakanishu: 18
  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton: 10
  • Tavish Stormpike: 15 at higher ranks, 10 at lower ranks
  • The Jailer: 15
  • Millhouse Manastorm: 10
Heroes getting less Armor
  • Bru’kan: 12
  • Enhance-o Mechano: 8
  • E.T.C., Band Manager: 10
  • Kurtrus Ashfallen: 12
  • Maiev Shadowsong: 9 at higher ranks (no change at lower ranks)
  • Master Nguyen: 12
  • Queen Wagtoggle: 10
  • Scabbs Cutterbutter: 10
  • Silas Darkmoon: 10
  • Skycap’n Kragg: 11
  • Sneed: 12
  • The Rat King: 9
  • Zephrys, the Great: 10
  • Millhouse Manastorm: 6

Note: Millhouse Manastorm now has less Armor at higher ranks, but more Armor at lower ranks.

Buddy Updates

The following Buddies have been adjusted to be more powerful:

Snow Elemental (Chenvaala)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 4
  • New: Tavern Tier 3

Vaelastrasz (Alexstrasza)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 4
  • New: Tavern Tier 3

Talent Scout (E.T.C., Band Manager)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 5
  • New: Tavern Tier 3

Coilfang Elite (Lady Vashj)

  • Old: [Tavern Tier 2] 4 Attack, 3 Health
  • New: [Tavern Tier 1] 3 Attack, 2 Health

Sub Scrubber (Ini Stormcoil)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 5
  • New: Tavern Tier 4

Piloted Whirl-O-Tron (Sneed)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 3
  • New: Tavern Tier 2

Festergut (Professor Putricide)

  • Ticking Abomination has been removed from the Festergut minion pool. (It is still in the minion pool for Professor Putricide’s hero power, Build-An-Undead).

The following Buddies have been adjusted to be less powerful:

Nightmare Ectoplasm (Mutanus the Devourer)

  • Old: [Tavern Tier3] 5 Attack, 4 Health
  • New: [Tavern Tier 4] 4 Attack, 3 Health

Raging Contender (Captain Hooktusk)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 4
  • New: Tavern Tier 5

Living Nightmare (Kurtrus Ashfallen)

  • Old: [Tavern Tier 2] 5 Attack, 3 Health
  • New: [Tavern Tier 3] 6 Attack, 4 Health

Waxadred, the Drippy (Heistbaron Togwaggle)

  • Old: Tavern Tier 4
  • New: Tavern Tier 5

Shady Aristocrat (Sire Denathrius)

  • The Quest Discovered will now be more difficult to complete.

Minion Updates

Dr. Boombox

  • Old: Tavern Tier 4
  • New: Tavern Tier 5


Card appearance rates were adjusted. High power class cards for Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, and Shaman will appear less frequently. High power class cards for Demon Hunter and Warrior will appear more frequently. The Countess, Fel’dorei Warband, Deal with a Devil, and Astalor, Bloodsworn are no longer be able to be drafted.


  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Sketchy Stranger would only offer 2 options if you were playing as a Secret class.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where cards gained by Fight Over Me were not tagged as copied from your opponent.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug causing mouse-over tooltips to sometimes disappear. This bug fix includes a temporary mitigation until the next full client patch.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Scourge Strike was sometimes literally unplayable.
  • [Arena] Fixed a bug where new Core Set cards were not in the eligible card pool.

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